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The electromagnetic field pollution has grown at an alarming rate in the last ten years. Scientists are attributing nervous system disruptions, tumors, unusual growths and even cancer to high EMF exposure. To keep my family safe I use the proven Aires Tech products on my cell phone, on my person and in each room in my home. The product diffuses the dangerous and potent EMF signals near my body and protects me from cellular damage. 

I am also fond of bio geometry as a protective measure in my space and on my person. See what feels right for you and your situation. Protect yourself and those you love. I even put one on the dog’s collar!!

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As our soil is depleted of nutrients and our bodies struggle to absorb what nutrients it can find in our whole foods, we can all use some help. The first step is to reduce the stress on our physical bodies by taking in as much organic and biodynamic food as possible. Organic and biodynamic farming supports our health, the health of the earth and the amount of available nutrition in our food. 

Eating well is only useful if our bodies can break down and absorb the nutrition. I have spent years trying brands, doing research using my body as a testing site and reading second party assessments of the supplements industry. There are a lot of bad eggs in the supplements business. 

I can recommend Bioptimizers without hesitation. They are second party tested, high quality, problem solving supplements. They support the inherent problems of aging such as low stomach acid, enzymatic depletion and lack of quality amino acids.

If you feel you are struggling with a digestion and absorption issue, follow this link to some solutions. If I can help you decide what would benefit you the most, contact me for a consultation. Your health is in your hands, your daily actions forecast your results. Listen to your body and try what feels right for you.

This is a product line I use everyday, I give it to my kids and I believe it has helped us move toward health and wellness.

The Essential Amino Acids are those building blocks that the human body cannot produce itself. We must, therefore take them in through food, drink or supplement. If you are only ever going to take one kind of supplement; this is what I recommend. This is a vegan, non GMO, gluten-free, egg free, soy free, dairy free powerhouse protein developed by Dr. David Minkoff M.D. to sustain energy and retain muscle mass. The essential amino acids are vital to the function of every organ in the body. Low intake effects infant brain development, immune health, dull skin and fragile hair. 

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Heavy metal toxicity is a growing problem. We breath them in from the industrialized air, eat them in our seafood and absorb them from our clothes. It is now impossible to navigate without daily exposure. What happens when your body cannot dispense of them as fast as we come in contact? Symptoms like loss of libido, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, kidney damage, and impaired memory can be traced back to heavy metal exposure. If you think you have have been overexposed or often exposed to heavy metals, I urge you to get your hair analysis done to see what your body is excreting. I use this product.

I detox with it every six months. Dr David Minkoff M.D. made this chelation product to save his wife from her toxic exposure 14 years ago. It cage binds to the toxic metal in your body and moves it out through your bowels. 

Masszymes from BiOptimizers
For meals I know will be a challenge for my digestive system, I use Masszymes. They help my body break down what I eat and ensure I can absorb the nutritional content of my food. I’ve even used Masszymes to help fight off food poisoning. This is a power packed enzymatic formula to help break down any food you take in and keep your intestinal tract clean and running smoothly. I recommend it for clients who have bloating, swelling, gas and gut discomfort. I have a dose handy anytime I’m a guest at someone else’s table, in a foreign country, or eat something I know I will have trouble digesting. Digestive issues can stem from eating foods your body cannot process, emotional stress, dehydration, physical stress, allergies, leaky gut, poor quality oils, antibiotic laden meats, a dependence on highly processed foods and a lack of food choice rotation. I am happy to help you work out a plan for what foods serve your body and your goals. Nutrition is the foundation of all our dreams. It gives us the energy and focus to move toward our desires. Let’s make life digestible. 

P3OM Probiotic from BiOptimizers
We have all heard that probiotics can be helpful to repopulate the gut after antibiotic medicine. But did you know having a strong population of good guys in your gut is linked to weight loss, mood, inflammation and insulin resistance? The proteolytic probiotics in this formula actually make it through the stomach acid and into the small intestine where they can help balance our sugars and keep our cravings in check. Fermented foods are another great source of natural probiotics. Make sure you add them to your plate on a regular basis. I recommend this product to clients who are struggling with sugar cravings, anyone who has had to take antibiotics in the last six months and those who have unexplained mood dips. Let me know if I can help you on your journey. 

HCL Hydrochloric Acid from BiOptimizers
When we take food into our body, the first stop is the stomach. Our stomach is full of hydrochloric acid to help break down the foods we eat. (Pro tip: chew your food really well!!) Once the HCL breaks down the food, the coenzymes in the food begin to unlock the nutrition within (or the Masszymes can assist.) However, as we age, the amount of HCL in our stomach decreases leading to discomfort, poor absorption and the elimination of undigested foods. 
I use HCL on a rotating cycle. I find it especially useful to help with high fiber meals and high intake days. I rotate my use and listen to my body. If you would like help setting up a schedule or deciding what supplements support your needs, I’d love to help. 

Gluten Guardian from BiOptimizers 
We all know someone who has given up gluten lately. What’s causing this sudden need for so many to limit or eliminate gluten from our diets? It’s not necessarily the food for some of us, it’s the farming. In the last 10 years many conventional farms have begun using glyphosate on the wheat crops to increase yield. Sadly, glyphosate is incredibly toxic. Our body is unable to process it and so it gets stored in a fat cell as a protective measure. I avoid American farmed wheat products to limit my glyphosate exposure and I take my Gluten Guardian to help my body process the occasional wheat treat. This is great for those of us who are wheat sensitive however I ask all my clients to be wheat aware. If this product would serve you, take it with your meal or just before. Let me know if I can help guide you in your decisions.

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