Personal Training

I began this work in 1995 at the exclusive Sports Training Institute. My clients were elite athletes, CEOs and political leaders.

From the outset, I learned the important role specificity has in outcome. In other words? When I was working with the mayor of NYC I had his goals and needs in mind. Our program was tailored to his desired outcome. Your workout needs to reflect your specific goals and circumstances. How long it is, what muscle groups we focus on, what equipment we use, the order of action, the number of sets and reps, the time of day, the mental focus during the work phase, the time under tension and the rest and recovery protocols are tailored to your needs and your why.

To get somewhere specific, we must get on the path, move in the direction of our goal and read the signs along the way. All of my knowledge has grown from my clients’ needs. When we hit a roadblock, we work together to move through. I am your trusted advisor and you are the emperor of your own health. We move as quickly or slowly as you like. With your goals and dreams at the top of our thoughts and in our hearts, your potential is only limited by your imagination.

Health is the backbone of any dream.
Partner with me and be the best you can be.
We work together to move through it.

My certifications

  • American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer since 1996
  • Chek Institute Integrated Movement Specialist 3
  • TRX Advanced Group Trainer
  • TRX Rip Stick Trainer
  • Yoga Alliance 500 hour Yoga Certified
  • The Shala NYC Trained Yoga Instructor
  • ELDOA Certified
  • Chek Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • Pre and Post Natal Certified Personal Trainer
  • Chek Advanced Program Design

New client in person hands on assessment: $500
(2.5 hours length tension and plumb line measurements using inclinometer, goniometer, Chek calipers)

Primal Patterns Movement Assessment Online: $150
(1 hour analysis of all seven primal movement patterns with programing recommendations)

Primal Patterns Movement Assessment in Person: $200
(1 hour analysis of all seven primal movement patterns with programming recommendations)

Private One on One Online Session: $150
(1 hour tailored to your needs)

Private One on One in Person Session: $200
(1 hour tailored to your needs)

Program Design: $100
(Updated workout emailed to you with videos, sets/reps, time under tension, rest and program notes)

Pay with Paypal or Venmo

Please take a moment to fill out this quiz.  I have taken the time to formulate specific questions to help pinpoint where you are in your wellness journey.
Your answers will provide a particular response by email with my recommendations.

Answer these questions as honestly as possible and let them help you frame your next steps.

Personal Training Quiz

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I have hurt myself while working out.
I have a unique set of preexisting conditions that affect my ability to move.
I love to move and it is easy for me to fit it into my day.
Movement is part of how I celebrate living.
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