My personal practice began in 1990. I used yoga to align me for my physical tasks and center me for my emotional health.

When my father died in 2004 I leaned heavily on my practice to process my pain and loss. I then began to use the ancient practices in my work with clients. The awareness of breath, alignment, placement, energy, earth and sky, personal power and chakra flow has profound effects on any who are willing to listen. We begin to hear our thoughts as we sit with ourselves on the mat, we notice patterns, we can adjust expectations and nurture growth.

I use components of yoga with all my clients. I meet you where you are and we walk toward where you’d like to go. Yoga is a great vehicle that has thousands of years of applied knowledge. In one hour, we can connect to our breath, our mind, our emotions and our physical body. The pace and space in a yoga class allows us to find our connections and deepen our awareness.

Within each of us are energy wheels, starting at our root and stacking to our crown. These wheels, or chakras can indicate to us where our energy is stuck or blocked. The shapes or asanas of yoga help us change the relationships and internal alignments of the chakras. We can breathe and remove any blocks, creating potential and flow.

I am honored to teach yoga. The knowledge has been gifted to me by many advanced teachers. It is my pleasure to continue lighting the candle of knowledge in many others.

Om bolo shri sat guru bhagavan ki, jai
‘Truth is the only real teacher. Victory!’

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